FiTech Go EFI 4 + Hy-Fuel In-Tank Retrofit Master Kit - 34001

by FiTech
(£1,612.80 Inc VAT (EU only))

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The Go EFI 4 with bright aluminum finish self-tuning fuel injection is rated at 600HP but is suitable for engines from 200HP thru 650HP.

This system is perfect for your everyday Driver right up to your weekend Street Machine or Bracket Racer.

It features the fastest most accurate self-learning available, timing control, wet flow annular discharge and tons of additional features.

It fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of this type. The ECU (computer) is mounted on the throttle body, which greatly simplifies installation. No hole in your firewall and no unsightly harness draped across your engine.

This is also the only computer mounted throttle body that offers spark control without the need for an external spark box or special distributor. It also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator.

A hand-held controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial set-up. The Go EFI 4 600HP system combined with the Hy-Fuel In-Tank Module fuel delivery kit includes everything you need for installation.

HyperFuel offers a solution to in-tank retrofit kits, the Hy-Fuel In-Tank Retrofit Kit. You can experience the advantage of a high-volume fuel system with the pump inside the fuel tank. This system can be used as a return or returnless system with the use of the built-in regulator. With the pump submerged in fuel, it will run quieter and last longer. With its multi-purpose ring and adjustable pump height, this is the easiest way to convert your existing or new fuel tank to an in-tank EFI fuel system. This system can be used in fuel tanks ranging in depth from 6” to 14” Deeper tanks can be accommodated with an optional fuel pump extension kit. The In-Tank Retrofit Kit includes a 340 L/PH fuel pump and a built-in fuel pressure regulator pre-set to 58psi.

System is suitable for up to 800HP.

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