40007 - G-Surge Tank - 800 HP (Single Pump) - Hyperfuel

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Designed to overcome fuel starvation issues at extreme lateral G, the HyperFuel Single Pump G-Surge Tank eliminates the problems created by poor fuel tank baffling. Thanks to its ingenious design, the pump in the G-Surge is always covered, as it receives a continuous supply of fuel from your vehicle’s existing fuel system, together with the returning fuel from the fuel injection system. An added benefit of this setup is that the pump is constantly circulating fuel to and from your tank, keeping your fuel pump cooler, aiding its longevity. As the G-Surge is submerged in in the fuel tank, fuel pump noise is minimised and muffled. 

This device is also a great way to provide the required fuel increases when using power adders such as boost or nitrous to your vehicle’s engine. 

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