40009 - G-Surge, Single Pump, Returnless G-Surge Internally Regulated - Hyperfuel

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The Hyperfuel™ Single Pump Regulated G-Surge Tank is designed to be used in vehicles that have fuel starvation issues when being used in extreme lateral G-force environments. Typically, this is due to poor fuel tank baffling in the existing fuel tank. The G-Surge eliminates that problem. The pump in the G-Surge never gets uncovered because it receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system. The built-in regulator eliminates the need for an external regulator. So, whether you are racing, off-roading, or just cruising, the G-Surge will keep your system supplied with a constant flow of fuel.


Single High Volume 340 L/PH pump is compatible with any EFI system. Support up to 800hp.
Includes 58 PSI fuel pressure regulator. Hard Anodized and Laser Etched for durability and visual appeal.
Compact Size makes it easily mountable in a variety of locations. -6 AN fittings and o-rings used for easy installation and durability.
Compatible with your existing fuel system. Maintains a 1.5 Liter (0.4 Gallons) reservoir of fuel in the module at all times.
Precision Machined Billet Aluminum Tank. Compatible with E-85 gasoline and alcohol or methanol based fuels.

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