40110 - Hyperfuel 340LPH E85 In Tank Pump - Hyperfuel

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The Hyperfuel™ high-pressure, high-output 340 LPH in-tank fuel pumps are specifically made for use with the E85 fuel blend. E85 will require the fuel system to supply more fuel for a given horsepower level. Designed for EFI applications with either naturally aspirated or forced induction intake systems. These are extremely high quality in-tank fuel pumps and are used in vehicles for street performance or racing purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary. Supports up to 850hp for EFI applications and up to 1000hp for carbureted applications.


340 (LPH) Liters Per Hour. Center Inlet.
Fully E85 compatible. Includes universal filter sock & pigtail.
Can be used in EFI or carbureted applications. Designed for in-tank use only.
Supports up to 850 horsepower EFI applications. Whisper quiet operation.
Supports up to 1000 horsepower carbureted applications.

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