R380 Stumpy Gearbox for 4cyl DEFENDER MODELS Genuine/OEM TRC103150

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The "Stumpy" or short bellhousing R380 was made by Land Rover as a direct replacement for the 4 Cyl LT77 gearbox.

The bellhousing is 30mm shorter to allow for the R380 Gearbox case being 30mm longer than the LT77.

This gearbox can be fitted to the 2.5 N/A Diesel engine, 2.5 petrol and the 200 TDI engines, basically anywhere the 4 Cyl LT77 is fitted.

This gearbox will mate up to your existing transfer box and is a direct replacement for your LT77 gearbox ( R380 diff lock linkage will be required, can be supplied separately +£48.00+vat).

Supplied with gear lever turret and boot, clutch slave cylinder, clutch fork, thrust bearing and heavy-duty gearbox nose piece.

These are the later more desirable Suffix L gearboxes.

This gearbox was developed for the MOD for a refurbishment to their Defender fleet to allow fitment of the later more refined R380 gearbox.

This gearbox is fully remanufactured to JLR remanufacturing standards using OEM parts.

These gearboxes are available as surplus from a military contract and are supplied in a wooden crate corrosion protected.

The gearboxes are sold as an outright sale with no core return unit required.

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