Vitesse Ltd produce the MGB “which the factory should have made but didn't”

The Product

Vitesse Global Ltd have developed a kit to convert post 1968 MGB’s into the car which Abingdon should have made to succeed the MGB and Austin Healey 3000, but didn’t.

It has a 4 litre V8 engine with 5 speed gearbox and includes all the necessary ancillary components, to deliver a perfectly matched package of silky smooth gearbox with the well proven torquey V8 engine giving a “No Brainer” turn-key well balanced drivers car, which sounds wonderful.

The fitted price of the kit costs £17,500 + VAT.  When added to the value of a donor MGB, the package adds up to making this the best and most reasonable new and useable classic on the market.

This package has been developed by Vitesse Sales Manager Alec Poole who with his colleague Roger Enever were Works MG drivers in the Sixties and were the most successful MG International race drivers of all time.  Roger’s Dad Syd Enever was Chief Engineer at MG Car Co and fathered the MGA & MGB.  Alec trained as a BMC engineering apprentice under Syd.


Vitesse MGB V8

Who are Vitesse

Drawing on over 20 years experience of building and supplying V8 engines for Morgan Motor Co, MGOC and many sports / kit cars & off-road vehicles and currently Supplier to Land Rover for their remanufacturing programme, it seemed the perfect timing to introduce a complete package with the recent introduction of the V8 Mazda 5-speed kit to complete the range of MGB 5-speed gearbox conversions.

Vitesse have been supplying modified new Mazda 5 speed gearboxes to the UK sports car manufacturers (Morgan, Caterham Ginetta etc) for a number of years – to date they have supplied over 7,000 of these state of the art ultra reliable transmissions. 


Vitesse MGB V8

The Procedure / Process

On receipt of client’s MGB it is road tested and a condition report is drawn up, before work commences.

At this point a full quotation for all works requested and any suggested remedial work required with full customer consultation will be provided.


Vitesse MGB V8


Remove complete power train assy from donor MGB. Including back axle.

Steam clean engine bay and underbody.

Cut, finish and make good new front inner wing apertures for exhaust manifolds.

Rear axle refurbished and new 3.07: 1 ring & pinion fitted by 3rd party Specialist.

Full underbody Shutz if requested.

Refit axle.

Install new powertrain, carry out all wiring and plumbing to suit as required.

Fit uprated front brake discs and pads.

Client speedo to be recalibrated to new axle ratio & wheel/ tyre size.

6 weeks should be allowed for complete installation from receipt of MGB.

 Vitesse MGB V8

Kit content:  Parts and components supplied

4 litre V8 cross bolted large main bearing alloy Rover V8 engine with Edelbrock carburettor and intake system and SD1 sump.

Bespoke front cover with large capacity oil pump, alternator, poly V belt & water pump.

Optimum 4.0 litre camshaft.

JWR low rise inlet manifold, Edelbrock 500cfm carburettor and air filter.

Fuel filter and pressure regulator.

Alloy rocker covers. (MG design if requested)

New modified Distributor and lead set.

Ignition coil  

High torque starter motor.

Stainless 4 into 1 exhaust manifolds.

Remote oil filter assy. with oil cooler hoses.

Standard or optional silicone hose set.

Lightened / balanced flywheel with clutch and disc assy.

Needle roller spigot bush.

Concentric clutch slave cylinder with aeroquip feed & bleed hoses.

Vitesse V8 to Mazda alloy bellhousing.

Vitesse Mazda 5-speed gearbox assy.

Vitesse rear gearbox mounting Assy.


3.07 : 1 Crown wheel & pinion.

Vitesse gear lever

Stainless large bore exhaust system with single rear silencer.

New uprated front brake discs & pads.

Large capacity radiator.

Revotec twin fan system with automatic controller.

16 row oil cooler with braided hoses.


Rubber bumper MGB’s readily accept the V8 engine whereas the engine bay on chrome bumper MGB’s needs to be modified.  For chrome bumpered cars the engine bay alterations required are a similar cost to the chrome bumper conversion, so the total price is the same.


Fitment procedure takes 6 weeks.

Price for above: £17,500 +VAT. 

Parts and components supplied are brand new (engines are remanufactured to Land Rover’s exacting standards).


Vitesse MGB V8

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Steven Schultz - January 13, 2018

I have a 1961 MGA and would like to know if you have q kit to install your Mazda 5-speed in my MGA? If so, what would the cost be?

I live in Florida in the USA.
Steve Schultz

Richard - December 31, 2017

Are you using the Mazda MX-5 gearbox? I wouldn’t have thought it would be up to handling the torque of the Rover V8.

MIchael poole - October 5, 2017

What is the price of the Mazda transmission conv kit for a MGB

Phil Hallett - September 6, 2017

When I was a lad in the 50’s I dreamed of being a car designer, but never got past scribbles in exercise books. The name of my world beating car? The Vitesse! So, when added to my favourite car, a 1964 MGB roadster, in which I fantasised about installing a V8 engine, it seems you have the perfect package. All power to your elbow!

Renato Asuncion - August 31, 2017

How much is the cost of car to shipped San Diego, California U.S.A.?

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