Morgan Plus4 5 Speed Mazda Gearbox Conversion Kit


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Vitesse Gearbox Conversion Kit using the proven Mazda MX-5 Mk3 5 Speed Transmission, as fitted to the current Morgan Classic Vehicle Line.

Suitable for the Duratec Morgan Plus4, 2004-2011. 

Our kit includes the following:

  • NEW Mazda MX-5 5 Speed Transmission
  • Mazda Flywheel
  • Mazda Clutch Friction Plate
  • Bespoke Clutch Cover
  • Vitesse Remote Shifter Housing
  • Mazda Shift Lever and Shift Knob kept in original position
  • Mazda Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Braided Clutch Pipe
  • Prop Shaft
  • Mazda needle roller bearing assembly
  • Gearbox Rear Mount Bracket Assembly and Isolator
  • Electronic Speedo Drive
  • Complete Fixings kit
  • Clutch Alignment Tool


The gearbox comes fully assembled so the fitting is only as complicated as replacing an original gearbox. We even include a Mazda clutch alignment tool to assist with assembly!

We use all OE Mazda components where possible, ensuring parts quality and also serviceability.

All brackets are electrocoated ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion.


The all alloy case means significant weight savings can be achieved with this kit- up to 23kg compared to the R380!


Gear Ratios: 

Gear Ratio - Mazda Transmission 
1 3.136
2 1.888
3 1.330
4 1.000
5 0.814



12 months manufacturing defect warranty offered on all parts.

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