Triumph Gearbox Conversion Kits

Owing to the continued success of our Morgan and MG gearbox conversion kits, Vitesse is now able to offer a re-engineered version of the brilliant Mazda MX-5 gearbox for a wide range of classic Triumphs

As of summer 2019, Vitesse Global is proud to sell its Mazda MX-5 gearbox conversion for a wide range of Triumphs: the TR8, TR6, TR5, TR4, TR2a and TR7 with a V8 conversion. To those who know Vitesse for our work improving the driving experience of MGA, MGB and MGB V8 owners right across the globe, it should come as little shock that we have worked long and hard to make sure this kit is just as devastatingly good as our others. 

 As with our other kits, the new Triumph range is offered with the expectation that anyone who can fit a standard box in a TR, can also fit one of ours. And, because we know you don’t want to make a mess of your beloved vehicle, we have designed our kits in such a way as to avoid any nasty cutting or chopping. Each redesigned box fits snuggly in place of your original, perfectly aligning with existing bolt holes. 

 To find out more about when this gearbox upgrade will be available for your spec’ of Triumph, please email us.

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Our Facility

Vitesse Global LTD HQ sits close to the country’s major arterial routes, in Hinckley, Leicestershire - the perfect location from which to support much of the UK’s car industry. 

Visiting our facility, you may find the floor set up in production line format, alternatively, you may find that our highly flexible space is being utilised to create new parts, to augment existing designs to fit within new vehicles or to stress-test engines for our partners. Flexibility is our watchword.