The Vitesse Defender 90 Recreation

Introducing the Vitesse Defender 90 recreation, Vitesse Global’s homage to the original series Land Rovers and Defenders

Style and Substance

Vitesse Global is proud to announce the roll-out of the Vitesse Defender 90. This homage to the classic Land Rovers 1950s and 60s to today, with classic paint shades, soft top driving with the canvas roof, tweed and leather upholstery and all-round classic styling offers the practicality of a modern Defender in a package sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia in anyone who has so much as set foot in the countryside or urban jungle … The vehicle offers more than just nostalgia though, with high-quality materials used throughout, including tweed options from Cordings of Piccadilly, fresh paintwork, and design touches to give the classic look without compromise, all undertaken by our passionate team of technicians. 

Two Ways to Own a Vitesse Defender 90

Full Makeover

This option is perfect for those of you who already own a Land Rover Defender and want to give the heritage makeover. 

The first step will be to come and meet us, to talk through style cues, paintwork, cloth / leather /interior choices, roofing choices and many other options, to make your new vehicle truly bespoke and unique.

Our technicians will assess the donor vehicle, to make sure that everything is as it should be from both a structural and mechanical standpoint. If there are any concerns with wear and tear at this point our team will flag them up, to enable us to give you a final price for the complete works - including any reparative tasks that may need completing. 

Once your vehicle is taken into our care, it will be carefully disassembled, before being sprayed, trimmed, and assembled to your specific requirements.

Source and Makeover

Our second option is perfect for you if you are looking for a Vitesse Defender 90 but do not yet have a vehicle to convert. We will source the perfect vehicle to fit your budget, give it a full mechanical and structural assessment and then work through the vehicle’s transformation. 

This option is ideal if you would prefer to draw on our many years of experience and contacts to find the best vehicle to suit your budget. 

Once we have your chosen vehicle, the process of transformation will be largely the same as with option one: we work with you to define your preferred choice of colour, trim, and additional options and upgrades. 

Upon completion, your Vitesse Defender 90 will be ready for collection or shipping to your chosen location. 

What's Included

Each Vitesse Defender 90 will be built entirely to your specification but there are a few key items that we think make for an end product that stays true to its roots: 

  • Tweed and Italian hide leather upholstery - Cordings of Piccadilly have a plethora of tweed options for you to choose from giving an individual style and quality to the interior of this iconic vehicle. We pair that with the best Italian leather
  • Full Canvas roof – a selection of shades are available to coordinate with your body colour selection
  • Bikini Canvas roof - Perfect for the summer months, this back-to-basics roof covers just the front seats, supplied with a roof material canvas bag to stow ether the bikini or full hood behind the front seats when not in use for tidy and clean storage
  • Paintwork – Full interior and exterior respray, this gives the ability for complete colour change, rivets and spot welds are left in place as they are a feature of the vehicle’s no-nonsense build and rugged looks.   Paint colour - Your paint colour is entirely your choice, however, we do have a range of preferred shades, to help you achieve the perfect vintage Defender 90 look

Optional Extras

At Vitesse, we have a flexible approach to customer requests. If you have a dream vehicle we will endeavour to get you there, so if you have something that bit extra special in mind for your new Vitesse Defender 90, please get in touch.


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