Engines for Sale in the UK

New and remanufactured engines including V8, Puma and TDi delivered worldwide

Vitesse Engines

Though we’re best known for our gearboxes and our work with the likes of Morgan, Mazda and other household names, at Vitesse we have a wide repertoire of other skills, not least building engines to specific requirements. Our engines, like our gearboxes, are sold and shipped right across the world. The engines we have for sale are available at various levels of dress, by special order, so if you have componentry already, there is no need to waste time or money, simply tell us the level of dress required and we will have a brand new or remanufactured unit ready to ship within 3 weeks.

We create, remanufacture and stock Rover 3.5 V8, 4.0 V8, 4.6 V8, 300TDi, TD5 Early and Late, Land Rover 2.4 Puma, Land Rover 2.2 Puma

Our remanufacturing process


Cylinder Block

  • Pressure tested  
  • Core plugs and gallery plugs removed 
  • Acid dipped and cleaned 
  • New liners fitted if applicable 
  • Re-bored to manufacturer's tolerances if no liner fitted Re-honed 
  • Cylinder head face skimmed 
  • Cam bearings replaced 
  • Main bearings replaced 
  • Cylinder block painted (iron blocks only) 
  • Pressure tested once more 
  • Cranks ground and polished, or new cranks fitted 
  • New pistons and rings fitted 
  • All bearings, seals, gaskets replaced to OEM standard 
  • Oil pumps replaced or remanufactured with new rotors as applicable


Cylinder Head

Ether new cylinder heads fitted if available or remanufactured with new guides, springs and seals, with new valves with seats cut and lapped 


Final Testing

Once complete all engines are put through our thorough testing regime, prior to shipping

Our Facility and Fitting

Vitesse Global LTD HQ sits close to the country’s major arterial routes, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, from where we not only manufacture original parts for the motor industry but also fit our world-renowned gearboxes. To book your MG in for a new gearbox, fitted by the very men who designed and built this incredible upgrade, call us today on 01455 611230 or email sales@vitesse-ltd.com