MG Gearbox Conversion Kits

Vitesse Global LTD has designed, developed and built arguably the best single upgrade available for both the MGA, the MGB / MGB V8.

Vitesse MG Gearboxes

At Vitesse Global LTD we have spent untold development hours, making sure our MGA and MGB / MGB V8 gearbox upgrades are everything you want them to be! Due to the thought-through design and careful consideration of our engineering team, our MGA and MGB gearboxes fit exactly in the place of your existing gearbox - no nasty holes, no messing about with an angle grinder, just a perfectly fitting gearbox upgrade.  We have taken the brilliant Mazda gearbox, used to such great effect in the MX-5 and redesigned a number of components, to ensure a snug and aesthetically sound replacement. All of our gearboxes come with full installation instructions, meaning a keen amateur mechanic should find it no harder to fit one of our MG gearbox upgrades than fitting an original.

Our Facility and Fitting

Vitesse Global LTD HQ sits close to the country’s major arterial routes, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, from where we not only manufacture original parts for the motor industry but also fit our world-renowned gearboxes. To book your MG in for a new gearbox, fitted by the very men who designed and built this incredible upgrade, call us today on 01455 611230 or email