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FiTech & Hyperfuel

Vitesse Global LTD is proud to offer carburettor replacement FiTech electronic fuel injection systems and throttle body kits, together with a wide range of ancillary products, including pumps, gaskets and ECUs, right here in the UK.

Order today for UK Mainland delivery within 3-4 working days and worldwide delivery in as little as 10 working days! Alternatively, book a slot to have your vehicle's fueling system transformed by our team, at our Midlands HQ.

FiTech Electronic Fuel Injection systems UK
If you’re looking to replace a worn out troublesome carburettor with a modern, practical and reliable alternative then we have the answer for you! 

The FiTech Go Street EFI 400hp system. is perfect for getting the best performance and economy out of your vehicle, without the additional setup, expense of FiTech’s competitors. These systems offer enhanced fuel efficiency and performance, and market leading simplicity. 

At the high-performance end of the range, FiTech equipment can really take your machine to the next level, with the incredibly capable FiTech Go EFI 8 1200hp. This piece of hardware is able to fuel up to 1200hp via 8 high-flow injectors and comes complete with data-logging and tuning software at no extra cost.

 Upgrading to electronic fuel injection 

FiTech systems offer the quickest and simplest way to upgrade from a carburettor to electronic fuel injection. The genuinely all-in-one unit means there is no need for separate ECUs, additional gauges and dials, or all that additional work. With the controller hidden in the body of the unit, a FiTech upgrade is the best way to ensure that your vehicle maintains its authentic looks while gaining modern performance.

FiTech Go EFI 4 Matte Black + Command Center 2 Master Kit - 32202

How electronic fuel injection systems work 

FiTech systems work by replacing the carburettor on your car with a body that contains either two or four injectors, which deliver the exact amount of fuel your engine requires. The FiTech system uses a Lambda sensor (supplied) to feedback to the integrated ECU, to gaurantee the perfect air / fuel ratio (AFR ) in all conditions. 

Will a FiTech system fit my engine? 

FiTech offers a number of packages to upgrade your engine from carburettor to EFI electronic fuel injection, whether two-barrel, four-barrel or even a dual-quad setup. If you’re unsure which product will suit your vehicle, please get in touch with us.

FiTech Go EFI 2×4 Power Adder 1200HP System - 30064

Fitting an electric fuel injection system 

With its all-in-one functionality, FiTech kit installation is far less invasive than that of competitors. No nasty new holes in the bulkhead and no new dials ruining the authentic look of your interior, just a complete system mounted in place of your carburettor, promising easy winter starting, high fuel-efficiency and trouble-free motoring.


Supply and fit of FiTech systems 

As well as supplying the full-range of FiTech’s electronic fuel injection systems, we’re also able to offer EFI kit installation and EFI tuning services at our facility in Leicestershire, Midlands. 

 Call us or email us today, to book in this ingenious upgrade.

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