30003 - Go Street - 400 HP EFI System - Cast Style Finish - FiTech

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This latest addition to the FiTech Go EFI range has been hailed as a game-changer, for its entry-level pricing, strong build-quality and famous FiTech ease of use.

This unit is designed for the enthusiast who is less interested in flat out speed and power, and more interested in the huge gains that EFI can bring, in both efficiency and reliability. The Go Street 400 HP EFI system is ideal for many owners of classic British-made vehicles, such as the MGB and a range of Triumphs that we specialise in here at Vitesse.

Designed with these vehicles in mind, this electronic fuel injection system strays from FiTech’s larger capacity systems and their tendency towards programmable features, instead focusing on the basic functionality required to offer a great mix of performance and economy for street-based mild performance engines. In turn, this offers great ‘pick up and play’ day-to-day use, for even the uninitiated.



1 BAR internal MAP sensor. Suitable for up to 400hp.
(4) Flow matched injectors. (1) Fan control & AC Input.
Built-in pressure regulator. Attractive cast finish.



(1) Die-cast throttle body. (1) O2 bung kit.
(1) Hand-held controller. (1) CTS sensor.
(1) Hand-held controller cable. (1) CTS adapter.
(1) Windshield mount. (1) Mini USB cable.
(1) 4+2-Pin Connector. (1) Return plug.
(1) O2 sensor. (1) Gasket kit.

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