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he all new Go Fuel Force Fuel Mini Surge Tank makes the upgrade to fuel injection even easier!

Like the other Force Fuel Systems, the Mini is fed through a low-pressure mechanical pump (or electric) saving the need to modify the entire fuel system. The reservoir of the Mini is equipped with an efficient 255-LPH pump and internal regulator to provide a consistent 58-psi of fuel pressure for your EFI system.

The compact design of the new Mini Force Fuel fits easily under the hoods of street rods and smaller engine compartments. To make installing the Mini easier, its mounting bracket is designed to be installed in four helpful positions.

The Force Fuel Mini is supplied with high pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, a liquid filled gauge, 10-micron filter and a return line bung to complete the installation. Available as PN 50006 or included in FiTech’s Master EFI Kits for a variety of applications.

With a strong, versatile mounting bracket, that allows for up to 4 mounting options; the Mini Force Fuel System mounts under and is fed with the original fuel pump.


  • Capable of supporting the fuel demands of 600-hp engines on gasoline
  • Sturdy, versatile mounting bracket offers four mounting options
  • 255 LPH fuel pump and internal regulator for reliable fuel supply
  • Effective 10-micron serviceable filter ensures the best filtration available
  • Supplied with high pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, return line fitting bung and liquid filled gauge

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