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The Project 59 Mini pays homage to the vehicles that first rolled off the production line back in 1959 and throughout the early sixties. The Project 59 Mini seeks to strip away the layers of ‘improvement’, taking the driver back to the original Mini experience.

This Mini is complete with era-appropriate upholstery and paint combinations. Though newly finished, the car keeps the original sliding windows, the rope door handles the fold-down rear number plate, and even the period-correct external door brackets - each element bringing the driver of a Project 59 Mini closer to the original icon.

Modern Touches

The Project 59 Mini benefits from a number of concealed modern upgrades, subtly improving the experience for the modern world, whilst staying true to the original ethos:

Powder-coated subframes for longevity
Disc brakes with H.D. driveshafts
Modern radial tyres
1275cc lead-free engine with single SU carburettor
Larger petrol tank with modern fuel pump and filter
Four-speed synchro gearbox
Freeflow exhaust
Heavy-duty battery for easy storage

The Project 59 Mini has a larger and more energetic 1.3litre engine, guaranteed to perfectly evoke the simple joy of driving a Mini in the ‘60s.

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