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The Go Shift stand-alone electronic transmission control is the perfect solution if you plan on upgrading your GM 4L60/65/80/85E transmission. While helping you keep money in your pocket.
If you’re having trouble with the wiring or shift points, the Go Shift system is for you! Now you can have the luxury of a modern transmission with a better response, better fuel economy, and overall better reliability thanks to this advanced system. The Go Shift has the ability to control the shift points, shift firmness when to downshift properly, and all other features involved when controlling the transmission. They’re simple to configure with the supplied color touch screen hand-held controller and can be used to monitor the transmission in real time or can be disconnected when the configuration is completed.
The Go Shift comes with everything you need to connect and control your GM 4L60/65/80/85E transmission. It comes with the touchscreen handheld for easy set-up and monitoring and a windshield mount. The required harness to connect to your GM 4L60/65/80/85 E transmission, the main wiring harness for the included compact ECU.

Application: suitable for GM 4L60/65/80/85E transmissions. All harnesses needed to connect to your transmission included.



Works with GM 4L60/65/80/85E transmissions.
Controls shift points.
Controls shift firmness.
Adjustable for gear ratio and tire diameter.
Torque converter lock up control.
Speedometer output.
Paddle shift input compatible.
Performance Mode.
Dyno Mode.
All harnesses needed to connect to your transmission included.

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