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FiTech’s Power Adder 600HP system is designed for those thinking long-term, with an eye towards future improvements.

Capable of 25lbs of boost straight out of the box, this versatile device can be used in a blow-through turbo or blower application, or as a single roots style supercharger. For those really wanting to dial things all the way up, this kit can even run a single-stage wet nitrous setup, controlling your air-fuel mix, as well as your ignition timing.

This powerful kit also has all the self-tuning features FiTech users have come to expect from any of the Goo EFI systems, as well as a host of more ‘pro’ features, to manage the higher output.

Annular swirl discharge fuel distribution, together with nitrous and boost timing retard features make this the perfect fit for any ‘power adder’ engine, or for those with an NA engine, currently mulling future upgrades.


2.5 BAR internal MAP sensor. Suitable for up to 650hp.
(4) Flow matched injectors. (2) Fan control.
Blower and turbo ready. Support for Nitrous.
Boost and Nitrous timing. Ignition timing control.
Built-in pressure regulator. Air/Fuel Ratio tuning.
Pro-tuning laptop software. Matte black finish.



(1) Die-cast throttle body. (1) O2 bung kit.
(1) Hand-held controller. (1) CTS sensor.
(1) Hand-held controller cable. (1) CTS adapter.
(1) Windshield mount. (1) Mini USB cable.
(1) 4+2-Pin Connector. (1) Return plug.
(1) O2 sensor. (1) Gasket kit.

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