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This classically styled golden barrel is a cleverly disguised electronic fuel injection system from our good friends at FiTech. This unit is ideal for your 4 or 6 cylinder engine and also works very well with a wide range of 8 cylinders.

What does it do? In short, the Go EFI 2 Barrel system replaces your tired old carburettor, meaning that cold start issues, hesitations, vapour lock or flooding all become a thing of the past.

With built-in transmission control, these stylish gold units are complete throttle body kits offering old-school carb’ looks and thoroughly modern functionality. This is the perfect solution if you’re restoring a classic and want to build in reliability that simply wasn’t available when your vehicle was created.

The ready-to-run system has all the functionality to get the best performance and economy out of your road-legal or mild performance engine.


High-flow aluminum throttle body in a classic carburetor gold finish. Bolts onto H-2300 bolt pattern and R2G manifold with a TD-P#2086.
Four FiTech flow matched injectors capable of up to 400hp. Single fan control and A/C input (kicks up idle).
Self-learning technology for wide range super fast dial in correction. Voltage control fuel pump control.
Suitable for crate engines and stock rebuilds. Throttle body mounted ECU - for an easy installation.
Pre-programmed with bolt-n-go technology for out of the box performance with minimal input required. Internal fuel pressure regulator eliminates the hassle of plumbing an external fuel pressure regulator (Preset to 58.5 PSI).
Use of ignition timing control is optional and not required. Accepts many common 5 1/8" OEM or after-market air cleaner assemblies.
Designed for natural aspirated engines only. Self-tuning ECU for the most user friendly set-up tunning with no computer necessary!
Wide band O2 sensor with mounting kit that provides real time fuel MAP learning. Only 4 wiring connections required! (pump, key, power, tach).
Includes a clamp-on oxygen sensor kit which ensure leak-free oxygen sensor installation, with a stainless steel clamp and a stainless steel (weldable) oxygen sensor flange. High resolution full color touchscreen for initial setup, tuning, and gauge displays.
Annular Wet flow technology discharge design. OEM style TPS/IAC and fuel pressure regulator, for years of dependable service.

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