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If you’re looking to update your fuel cell or custom tank with an internal electric fuel pump, turn to FiTech for their new Fuel Cell Pump Modules.

The Go Fuel In Tank Fuel Pump Returnless Module With 2 Inch Fill single pump model supports up to 800 HP.

The Single Pump model is supplied with an efficient 340 LPH pump complemented with an internal regulator to maintain 58-psi so it can be run returnless.

The CNC-machined billet module top is machined to fit most fuel cells with a 12-bolt flange or can be installed in a custom tank. The feed and return outlets are machined for -6AN ORB fittings which are supplied to help complete your installation along with secure terminals to connect the fuel pump.

The fuel pump can be positioned in tanks from 7” – 16” in depth and is supplied with an effective filter to stop any debris from entering the system. Nylon hose and Viton seals make the modules compatible for use with E85 fuels.


Single high quality 340 L/PH fuel pump for engines up to 600HP. Billet aluminum construction with precision machined components.
Installs in almost any tank with a depth of 7-inches to 16-inches to fit nearly any popular application. 35 square inch filter and 11-5/8 square inch filter.
Designed to be retrofitted into an existing tank. Unique O-ring 360° mounting flange permits easy removal for servicing and re-use. Flange incorporates -06 AN fittings.
Low profile design for maximum clearance from floor pan of vehicle. Compatible with E-85 gasoline and alcohol or methanol based fuels.

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