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FiTech EFI is pleased to extend their fuel system control components with the new Go-Fuel Regulators! The regulators, a single outlet model and one with dual outlets allow you to precisely set the fuel pressure of your EFI system to achieve the best performance. 

 Crafted from billet aluminum, the regulators feature -6 ORB ports and are equipped with a vacuum port for use with boosted applications. Both models can be adjusted from 30 – 70 psi and the single output unit can support up to 1,000 horsepower (gas engines) while the dual output will support 1,600 horsepower. 

The Regulators are equipped with a durable Viton diaphragm making them compatible with all gasoline blends including E85. A vibration resistant liquid filled gauge and versatile mounting bracket are supplied along with AN fittings to complete your installation. 

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