87201 - 20' Stainless Steel Hose Kit w/ Fuel Filter and full flow fittings - Hyperfuel

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Our 20 ft Stainless Steel Hose Kit includes a HyperFuel™ premium 3½” in-line filter with 40-micron stainless steel reusable/washable element, (3) 90 Degree, (3) 45 Degree, and (3) Straight -6 AN True Flow fittings are perfect for plumbing your car with beautiful, chemical resistant stainless steel braided fuel lines. These fuel lines and fittings are perfect for any fuel delivery application where you want to use, pump gas, methanol, ethanol or alcohol. With our new True Flow Technology AN fittings, you will no longer have unsightly braised fittings. They have tight bends with a continuous internal dimension. This 20′ high pressure fuel hose kit with our True Flow Technology AN fittings will deliver your fuel to your engine with leak free, uninterrupted flow, spikes or reduction in pressure.

Application: Ideal for use with 200–3,000hp+ applications supporting all fuel types and blends.
Replacement Filter Element: FiTech part number 46089 (40-micron), 46090 (10-micron), 46091 (100-micron).


CNC one-piece fittings. True Flow Taper Hose Ends.
Leak Free. Tight mandrel bend radius body.
Superior and uniformed wall thickness. Swivel 360 degree rotation

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