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The FiTech Go-Spark Ignition is a Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) which produces high voltage sparks from cranking to extreme rpm.

The high voltage sparks are the result of advanced digitally controlled technology coupled with an efficient transformer and capacitor.

Another benefit of the FiTech CDI is that it produces a series of sparks at lower rpm. This means that several sparks occur over a span of 20° of crankshaft rotation from cranking to about 3,000 rpm.

The Go-Spark CDI provides a tach output wire (Blue) that delivers a 12-volt square wave signal for tachometers or EFI systems. 

The Go-Spark CDI is designed for a 12-volt, negative ground electrical system and can also be used with 16-volt systems. It will produce full-output sparks with a supply of 10-20 volts.

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